Health Committee Meeting—Medicaid

Updates from CMS and the States

August 4, 2014 Panel Discussion, Baltimore, Maryland

The Health Committee hosted a panel discussion with updates from CMS and two states that have expanded Medicaid coverage. Panelists shared state strategies for serving new populations within the context of the Affordable Care Act, as well as strategies for improving the quality of care, engaging providers and controlling costs in the program.

Representative Laurie Harding, New Hampshire

Senator Terry Gerratana, Connecticut


Assemblyman Richard N. Gottfried, New York, Chair

Assemblyman Gottfried discussed New York’s Medicaid managed care programs, focusing on new populations being phased in, including patients with HIV/AIDS or developmental disabilities, and new strategies for integrating delivery and coordinating care.

New York State Medicaid Update

Olivia Puckett, Administrator, Connecticut Medical Assistance Program Oversight Council

Olivia Puckett provided a background on Connecticut’s Medicaid program, “Husky Health,” and the innovations Connecticut has implemented in the context of the Affordable Care Act with particular focus on programs supporting dental health, obstetrics and intensive care management.

CTs Medical Assistance Program

Clare Wrobel, State Innovation Model, CMS

Clare Wrobel presented an overview of the CMS State Innovation Model Initiative, including the purpose, focus areas and expectations of the initiative, as well as an update on the six state innovation models from Round One.

State Innovation Models SIM Initiative