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Monday ERC Daily NewsERC_DE_monday_barCongress has a lot to do; How it Gets Done Remains to be Seen.  Fran Boyd, a senior consultant with The Council of State Governments, discussed the many challenges Congress will face when members return to work.  ERC Adapts to the Changing Needs of State Government Leaders.  As states address new fiscal challenges in the coming years, ERC is adapting to the new environment to continue to serve the needs of its members. (Click image to download)

Tuesday ERC Daily News

ERC_DE_tuesday_barEducation, Globalization, Health Care Leading Economic Influences.  Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy and Delaware Gov. Jack Markell discussed the challenges facing state economies during a roundtable discussion.  Minimum Wage Sparks Maximum Debate: State Policymakers Understand Both Sides of the Issue.  Panelists discuss the impact raising the minimum wage might have on the economy during the luncheon plenary.  Disappearing Bees and Other Agricultural Challenges: Delaware Agriculture Secretary Says Biggest Challenge Comes from Federal Government.  The nation’s declining honeybee population and the burdens of the federal regulators are challenging farmers in the Eastern region and elsewhere.  The professional development session entitled Getting Around ‘Focus Deficit Disorder’ — Take a Regular Break: Distractions Crop Up in Many Different Forms, but Technology is a Major Factor shared several ways in which members could focus and retain information while shutting out distractions.    (Click image to download)

Wednesday ERC Daily News

ERC_DE_wednesday_barRace Relations Continue to Evolve, 50 Years after Bloody Sunday: Maryland Senate Majority Leader: ‘We Can Make a Difference if We Continue to Work Together.’  Delaware Rep. Joseph Miro, Maryland Senate Majority Leader Catherine Pugh, Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson, Maryland House Majority Whip Talmadge Branch and Linda Julius of DuPont discussed race relations during Tuesday’s plenary.  Reliable Funding Needed to Help Rail Keep Rolling: Carriers Call on State Leaders to Push for Stable Funding for Passenger Rail.  Rudy Husband discussed the importance of the commuter rail with other members of a panel during Tuesday’s morning plenary. (Click image to download)