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Professor Drew Westen says, “The Audience is Listening…and Watching”

Flint, Mich., Returns Lead, Environmental Racism to the National Conversation: Sen. Vincent Hughes, PA and Sen. Kevin Parker, NY discussed lead contamination in their states during the ERC Quad Caucus meeting.

Puerto Rico Gets Help with Debt (…help from Washington Requires Oversight Board): Puerto Rico Senate President discussed the debt and the oversight board during the ERC Executive Committee meeting.(Click image to download)

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Charlie Cook Sees Tight Race in 2016 Swinging Clinton’s Way: Veteran Political observer Charlie Cook believes the 2016 election will swing Hillary Clinton’s way

The North American Opportunity: An Island of Calm in an Unsettled Global Economy Daniel Altman delivered keynote address on the North American trading bloc’s opportunity to excel as other global economic powers face uncertainty.

Charles D. Ellison, Alan Mallach and Mayor Lester E. Taylor: Communities Need Tools to Battle Blight Alan Mallach looks at issues of crumbling infrastructure and uban blight from 50,000 feet while Mayor Taylor looks at them from street level; both agree that state and provincial governments must empower cities to deal with crumbling communities and urban blight.

Building an Even More ‘Special Relationship’ Between U.S., Canada: Christopher Sands says it’s not quite time for the 39 states claiming Canada as their biggest trading partner to hit the panic button on the multi-national Trans Pacific Partnership.

Panel Examines Roles, Needs of Military Families: David Splitek (Military Children’s Education Coalition) and Guy Parent (Canada Veterans Ombudsman) discussed the similarity in issues facing veterans and military family members. Officials on both sides of the border are working to recognize the needs of military families. (Click image to download)

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A Regional Partnership for Shared Prosperity: Maine Governor Paul LePage and Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard discussed the important relationship between the U.S. and Canada.

State, Provincial, Local Actions Must Drive Climate Agenda:Dr. Mark Alan Hughes talks about climate change in a plenary discussion with Sen. Marc Pacheco, MA; U.S. Ambassador to Canada Bruce Heyman, Jean Lemire and Dr. Louis Fortier.

Bilateral Agreement Benefits Canadian Farmers, Laborers from Mexico, Tour Illustrates: Members of ERC’s Ag & Rural Development Committee learned that a bilateral agreement between Canada and Mexico provides a steady source of labor that benefits farmers and farm workers as they visited the lle dOPrleans.

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