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Executive Committee Closing Roger Roy & Rep Hudson (1)            Executive Committee - Diaz, Ross, Rosenberg (1)            Executive Commitee meeting - Rep Tholl, NH; Min Younger, NS (1)            Executive Commitee Lunch            Executive Commitee Closing Roger Roy & Wendell Hannaford (1)            Executive Cmt Lunch            Executive Cmt Lunch - Majority Leader Aresimowicz (1)            Executive Cmt Closing mtg            Executive Cmt Closing Mtg - Rep Keeley, Sen Marcellino, David Atkins (1)            Executive Cmt Closing 2            Executive Cmt Closing 1            Executive Cmt Closing, Sen Sokola & David Atkins            Executive Cmt 3            Executive Cmt 2            Executive Cmt, Sen President Stan Rosenberg, MA        Executive Cmt (1)      Annual Meeting Committee Meeting Sen Whelan, NJ     Annual Meeting Committee Meeting - Sen Sokola, DE & Rep Partridge, VT    Annual Meeting Committee Annual Meeting Committee 2
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