National Mission

CSG, the multi-branch organization of the states, U.S. territories and commonwealths prepares states for tomorrow, today, by working with state leaders across the nation and through its regions to put the best ideas and solutions into practice.

To this end, CSG:

  • Interprets changing national and international conditions to prepare states for the future;
  • Advocates multistate problem-solving and partnerships;
  • Builds leadership skills to improve decision-making; and
  • Promotes the sovereignty of the states and their role in the American federal system.

Regional Mission

As a regional office of CSG, located in New York City, our purpose is to facilitate the exchange of ideas among state policymakers, business leaders and the academic community throughout our 18 member jurisdiction.  We foster discussions and collaboration among state officials to address the policy priorities unique to the northeast, conduct leadership training programs, and advocate on the federal level for programs and policies beneficial to the region.