CSG/ERC Military & Veterans Affairs Committee

The CSG’s Eastern Regional Conference (ERC) has created a new policy committee on Military and Veterans Affairs. Members appointed to this committee share and discuss issues, best practices and policy solutions unique to the military and veteran communities in ERC’s member jurisdictions.  The Committee also provides members with a vehicle to build regional consensus and a policy framework to improve employment, education and the overall health and well-being of military veterans and their families.

The Committee meets each year during the CSG|ERC Annual Meeting & Policy Forum and brings together state officials and key stakeholders to take part in discussions on matters of interest/concerns to military veterans. 

Policy Seminar April 2017:

The War Within: Addressing the Mental Health Challenges in CSG’s Eastern Region
The high occurrences of repeated deployments, exposure to combat and shortages in affordable housing often lead to mental health stressors and social triggers that contribute adversely to the daily mental health challenges faced by military veterans living in the northeast.

Given the need to address the increasing challenges facing our veterans, CSG/ERC hosted a one-day seminar to held April 29, 2017 in Providence, Rhode Island at the Providence Hotel, for stakeholders who addressed the increasing mental health challenges faced by military veterans living in the northeast. The program tackled the topics of PTSD/TBI in workforce development, suicide prevention, the mental health challenges of vulnerable veteran communities including women, minorities and homeless populations, and substance abuse within the framework of the criminal justice system.

Policy Issues to Watch in 2017:

Veterans Health Care via the Veterans Health Administration, the Choice Program 2.0, Mental Health (PTSD, TBI and suicide prevention), resources, capacity, access and the impact all will have on states in the eastern region.

Veterans Courts via legislation at the state level to leverage federal funds that will allow states to expand access to courts in the eastern region.

Veterans Administration and Department of Defense Economic Strategies as the new Executive administration makes plans to expand the role of both the Veterans Administration and Department of Defense.


Rep. Earl Jaques, Delaware, Chair

Contact us: milvets@csg.org