Eastern Trade Council

The Eastern Trade Council (ETC) is the accelerator for regional trade development and policy that leverages economies of scale, reduces costs, bolsters competitive advantages, and increases efficiencies. The ETC works collaboratively to increase exports, thereby creating and retaining jobs, and enhancing global competitiveness. The convergence of ETC members’ expertise builds critical mass, facilitates innovation, and expands export opportunities. Collectively, ETC member states and jurisdictions rank in the top five world economies.

Eddy Mayen Vice-Chair, New Jersey

Eddy Mayen
Chair, New Jersey

 Katherine Therieau
Vice-Chair, Rhode Island

ETC enhances state trade programs and increases exports by sharing trade development data and best practices, jointly promoting regional products and services, and collectively advocating for federal trade promotion programs and policies that benefit the region. The ETC is supported  by annual appropriations from its 11 member jurisdictions.

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Exports Mean Jobs!

ETC has released a new report looking at trends in exports and employment in ERC states. Some notable findings include:

          • Northeast Companies and their workers export billions of dollars of goods and services to more than 200 Countries around the world. Exports Totaled $392.5 Billion in 2013.
          • In 2013, Northeast states’ goods and services exports supported approximately 1.2 Million direct jobs in the region, and another 1.3 Million indirect jobs in the region and in other states.
          • Exports Were up 16.1 Percent from 2012–‐2013

For more information on exports in the Northeast, read the full report here.

News and Information:

          • ETC has recently hired a trade representative in Brazil! Click here for the Brazil Buzz, a newsletter to providing reliable and objective updates on business opportunities in Brazil through the principal financial news sources within the country.

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