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The Health Policy Steering Committee works with policymakers from all ERC states and provinces to identify common health goals, find realistic solutions, and assist policymakers to implement innovations that improve the health of the region. The committee’s membership represents both legislative and executive branches from diverse agencies including health, social services, and insurance. The committee meets four times each year, sponsors workshops for policymakers, publishes issue briefs, and shares best practices between members.

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Medicaid Buy-In: A State Option to Expand Access to Coverage

Letter to Congressional Leaders: Continuing the Medicaid State-Federal Partnership

Click the link above to see our recent letter to Congressional Leaders about continuing the Medicaid State-Federal Partnership.

Prescription Cost Control: State Options
Presentation provided to the Maryland Senate Finance Committee by CSG/ERC Health Policy Consultant Ellen Andrews, January 24, 2017.

Vermont’s Drug Price Transparency Law: A Work in Progress

Fact Sheet on Medicaid: Sustaining the Successful State-Federal Partnership

State Fact Sheets:

Connecticut Medicaid
Delaware Medicaid
Maine Medicaid
Maryland Medicaid
Massachusetts Medicaid
New Hampshire Medicaid
New Jersey Medicaid
New York Medicaid
Pennsylvania Medicaid
Rhode Island Medicaid
Vermont Medicaid

Materials from the June 29, 2016 Meeting on State Medicaid Reforms: Different Models, Common Goals, sponsored by the CSG/ERC Health Committee

Megan Burns and Marge Houy, Bailit Health: Medicaid Value-Based Purchasing

Robert Zavoski, Medical Director, Connecticut Department of Social Services: Connecticut HUSKY Health: Cost Drivers, Reform Agenda, Outcomes and Future State

New England States Consortium Systems Organization

Kalin Scott, Director, Medicaid Redesign Team Project Management Office: Medicaid Redesign in New York: Overview and Next Steps

Steven Constantino, Commissioner, Department of Vermont Health Access: Vermont Medicaid

Anya Rader Wallack, Ph.D., Medicaid Director, Rhode Island Executive Office of Health and Human Services: Update on Rhode Island Medicaid

NEW: Medicaid Reform Takes Many Forms

NEW: CSG/ERC Health Committee Meeting June 29: State Medicaid Reforms: Different Models, Common Goals

NEW: Medicaid Payment Reforms: State Options to Avoid and Address Underservice

NEW: Health Insurance Exchanges — states sharing resources, solving problems

NEW: Value Over Volume 2.0: Practical Tools for Policymakers to Support Health Care Reform
— A new report from the CSG/ERC Health Policy Committee

Health Insurance Exchanges: How Connecticut Can Benefit. March 19, 2013 Panel Discussion in Hartford

Policy Outreach: Medicaid Managed Care for New York: experience from other states, questions | A Web site considering new initiatives to link health care purchasing to quality!

Annual Meeting
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